Saturday, September 28, 2013

What's For Dinner: Dairy Soy Free Chipotle Pepper Chicken, Quinoa, Peas, & Salad

UPDATE: Please make sure to double check ingredients each time you buy. I hope I never overlook anything but it’s possible and ingredients can change. A lot of my posts are over two years old and since I have gone back dairy soy free I have discovered a few items I use to buy all the time that now have soy in them.

This is a delicious, easy, fast dinner that is dairy soy free. All you need is around a pound or pound & half of chicken (I like boneless skinless strips or breast), a packet of McCormicks Grill Mates Chipotle Pepper Marinade, 1/4 Cup Water, 1/4 Cup Oil (I use Olive Oil for marinades), 1 Cup Quinoa, Peas, and if you want a side salad whatever veggies & dressing you like (make sure to check dressing for soy, I used Hidden Valley Farmhouse Originals Italian).

Marinade the chicken for about 30 minutes, then cook on medium high heat in a pan for around 10-12 minutes each side (check to see if it's cooked all the way through).

Variations: You can also bake or grill the chicken and/or use pork if you want.

Cook quinoa according to package. If you have never tried quinoa, it is very good and has a lot of protein. It makes a great substitute for rice. You can find it in the rice isle at the grocery store.

Then I just steam the peas and put together the salad.

There you go an easy delicious dinner with no dairy no soy.

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