Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Baby Einstein Phenomenon

I don't know about you, but my baby loves the Baby Einstein dvds. I mean absolutely loves them! I know most things you read say children under two years of age should have zero tv. But seriously who are these people?  My guess, people who don't have children, or people who spend most the day away from their children. For me I started out saying no tv, but after a few months I just needed the 30 minutes to do something (cook, shower, sit without holding a baby). Truly I meant well, but as i've learned with many parenting ideas, don't judge till you have been there. There are tons of things I said I would never do (co-sleep, tv, playing with my phone, etc) that I do daily just to survive.  Anyways back to Baby Einstein, they are the one parenting item I would never give up. Annabel loves them, and they keep her distracted long enough for me to do a few household things without her hanging onto my leg. When I first saw a Baby Einstein I thought, "this is silly, it's just a bunch of music, toys, and puppets." Then I looked at my 3 month old, and she was staring at the tv & not crying. I was amazed! She loves them, the puppets the most. She loved them at 3 months and still loves them at 14 months. I have even looked up episodes on YouTube to calm her down on car rides (& some shopping trips). These dvds are not cheap, and I got lucky to have about 10 given to us, and recently bought 15 more at a used book store. Yes 15. We watch a few everyday. Annabel is now old enough to go to the tv stand where we keep her videos and pick out which one she wants to watch. Even with tons of other movies to pick from she always picks a Baby Einstein. They are the only thing she will sit through, and I will admit there are days where she watches more than I'm proud of and yes I have already bought some Little Einstein dvds to try when she gets older.

What is the one baby item that you would not trade for anything?

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