Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Going To The Bathroom Is Now A Group Sport

Let's face it if you have a baby or toddler then that wonderful private time, known as bathroom time, is no longer private. For some reason my daughter is fascinated with watching me go to the bathroom. I really never thought of the experience as that exciting, but there she is every time I go just happy to be there. Now I get it when it's just us home because I need to keep an eye on her anyways (and there's no daddy to play with). Even when daddy's home she will run after me, and if I happen to sneak away and get the door closed it's only a few seconds before I see little fingers pushing under the door (or banging on the door). Not sure what the fascination is but after talking to other moms (any mom pick one off the street) they all told me the same thing "bathroom time is now a group sport."

So since Annabel is so fascinated with the potty I decided (even though she can't even say potty yet at 14 months old) I would start taking her to the potty in the mornings. Mornings are the easiest potty times for us to predict. So today was a magical day. I switched from offense to defense took Annabel to the potty first thing this morning and she went! She tried to get down since she thought she should pee in a diaper, but she used the potty! Then we went to eat, and I took her back to the potty. She sat for awhile then pushed my hands away (I was helping balance her, but I guess her potty time did not need an assist) and went pee again. I'm so proud of her I have changed 2 less diapers today, it's a start. I know I have a long potty training road ahead of me, but I am super excited and will celebrate this win today!

What's your potty training experiences?

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