Monday, May 19, 2014

Eating Out Dairy Soy Free

Eating out while trying to stick to a dairy soy free life can be almost impossible. I only ate out twice in the 631 days we were dairy soy free and both times were at Genghis Grill. Since you pick your own raw food and then choose sauces I felt like I could control what I was eating. I stayed away from anything that said marinated on the food line and crab (imitation crab has soy in it). I asked management for a menu that listed the ingredients in their sauces. They had two that were dairy soy free the Dragon Sauce & Tomato Basil. I also asked what kind of oil and spray they use on their grill and asked them to cook mine on a cleaned service with no cooking spray. Both Genghis Grill's I ate at were very accommodating. I called ahead before I went to check if they could accommodate my allergies.

One of my Pintrest followers said that Buffalo Wild Wings has two boneless wing sauces that are dairy soy free their Honey BBQ & Jamin' Jalapeno (thanks for the tip Lori). I bet they have a sauces ingredients list you can read too. Make sure to ask about their oil and sprays too.

Bottom line if you are going to eat out call ahead see if they can accommodate your allergy requirements. Ask about ingredients lists, what cooking oils & sprays they use, and if your meal can be cooked in a separate clean area.

It took me until Bel was 18 months old to risk eating where I could not control the cooking myself and even then I only did it twice. Use your judgment and do your research.

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