Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Work In Progress

I have officially started fixing my old blog posts that lost their pictures. I will be starting with the oldest posts and working my way to the most recent posts. If you follow me on Pintrest @DairySoyFreeMom I will repost the fixed blogs to Pintrest as I get them finished. This way they are easy to find. If you don't have Pintrest just start with the oldest posts first (there is a lot of great starter info in the older posts so I highly recommend starting at my oldest anyways). So please hang in there I'll get the older posts fixed as quick as I can and hope to have new posts starting in July.  As always I love any questions or suggestions/tips anyone has so feel free to leave comments anytime, I try to check them regularly.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Going Dairy Soy Free Again!

Hello out there!  Anyone still listening? I can't believe it's been 2 years since I've posted anything! My daughter outgrew her dairy soy intolerance at 2 years old so I stopped posting because I had nothing new to add. I am now expecting my 2nd child, a boy, in early September. Since I've been informed by lots of other moms who have gone through this intolerance that it is likely this child will have the same intolerance. My family has decided to cut out dairy & soy again starting July 5th. This will be a new challenge because now I will have a 4 year old to deal with too (and she loves pizza with cheese). Looking back over my old posts I noticed that since I moved my blog pictures off my phone they also disappeared from the blog itself. Yuck, so now I get the joy of going through one by one trying to reinstall the pictures. It will take some time but I will work on it.  So between now and September I hope to fix all my old blogs that the pictures have disappeared on. Once July gets here I hope to have new posts to add a few times a month or more. As always I welcome any questions or comments.  If you have any good dairy soy advice I would love that too.

So if you are still here thank you! If you are newly discovering this blog welcome and I hope it helps.

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