Monday, September 2, 2013

Surviving Mommyhood Dairy Soy Free

I became a mom on June 26th 2012 (a full 16 days early by the way) and that's when my old life ended, and the crazy journey known as motherhood began. I am a very happily married 29 year old woman with one beautiful daughter named Annabel (yes I am southern, and now my daughter will forever be reminded of it). I worked from the time I was 15 till one week before I gave birth so the transition to a stay-at-home mom was an experience. I love it and would not trade being with my baby all day for anything (well maybe more purses ... no no not anything). I intended to start a mom blog when Annabel was born. But as all mom's know you never see mommyhood coming, and it's a wild ride. Annabel was diagnosed at 6 weeks with a dairy and soy intolerance so a lot of my blogs will be about our journey to making the switch to a dairy soy free home. Dairy Soy Free tips, tricks, & recipes (since I breastfeed and am still breastfeeding dairy and soy were out for me, and my husband by extension, as well as Annabel). But I also hope to share life experiences about this crazy thing called motherhood.

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