Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Holiday Season Is Upon Us, Let The Craziness Begin

I love this time of year. The holidays are a wonderful, warm, happy time for most people. But with all that wonderful, warm, happy time comes the crazy, hectic, non stop schedule of the holidays.

I look forward to the holidays every year. Being with family, the decorations, and the anticipation of festivities all bring a smile to my face. In all the happiness I forget how stressful & tiring this time of year can be.

Starting with Halloween and the journey to find or make the perfect costume. Then to all the cooking for Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday). Not to mention the stress of finding the perfect Christmas gifts for everyone. I tend to let myself get overwhelmed every year.

I get all excited about the holiday season then stress myself out. This year I am going to try my best to just relax and enjoy my family. This will be my second year as a stay at home mom, but last year I had a 4-6 month old who was very needy. This year with a slightly less needy 16-18 month old, I really hope I can relax and be in the moment more. I want to do it all, but more than anything I want to remember every second of Bel's holiday experience. I know these moments pass fast, and she will be grown before I know it. So I am going to give myself a pass on trying to be perfect and just enjoy my family.

So do you love the holidays? Do they stress you out?

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