Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mommy Fashion: Hello Yoga Pants & Uggs

Becoming a mom can do a serious overhaul on your wardrobe. You trade in your fashionable clothes and heels for clothes you don't mind getting baby's bodily fluids on, shirts loose enough to breastfeed in (if you are breastfeeding), and ~gasp~ sensible shoes. You get pretty comfortable being seen in public with various stains on your clothes (spit up, snot, food, dirt, and yes even poop sometimes). You realize loose fitting clothes are easier to haul (or chase) a baby around in. You think your pre-baby fashion is dead, then like magic you find out sensible shoes are wonderful.

Before Bel was born we made the decision that I would quit my job and be a stay at home mom. My weekly wardrobe went from bank attire (mainly dark dress pants & sweaters) to yoga pants, tank tops with loose shirts over them, nursing sports bras, Muk Lucks, Ugg style boots, Merrell's, and if I'm getting really fancy (you know leaving the house to grocery shop or visit someone) jeans! But here's my secret, I Love It! I like being comfortable. I love when cooler weather gets here, because I could live in hoodies and Ugg style boots (I don't care if they go out of style, I own 8 pairs of different comfy boots, they are so comfortable, and I will probably be buried in them).

I never thought I would be the person to go shopping in yoga pants, but after having Bel that's all I was comfortable in for months. Now it does not phase me, I toss on a tank top, loose t-shirt or hoodie, some Ugg type boots, and I'm out the door. I might toss in a real sweater or fleece vest now and then. I try my best to be clean and put together but once you have a baby you learn comfortable trumps fashionable every time.

Here is some examples of my everyday wardrobe. In the summer I would change the shoes for flip flops (or keep the Merrell's on) and toss the sweatshirts.

I wore this yesterday to go visit my parents with Bel. So playdate attire.

This is a typical cooler weather (or cold air conditioning) house outfit.

This is a typical cooler weather leaving the house outfit. In fact we are not a dress up family so I would (and probably will) wear this to Thanksgiving.

And if you're wondering, yes my cozy boot obsession has worn off on my baby. But in my defense my husband bought these for her (he has a barefoot shoe obsession).

So has becoming a parent changed your style? Are you embracing the mom fashion, or are you dying to put back on your heels and "dress up" clothes?

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