Monday, November 4, 2013

Technology & The Baby

I can remember being pregnant and seeing little kids running around with phones and tablets and thinking "really?!" I seriously could not figure out why a child needed a phone or tablet. Here are these babies running around with very expensive pieces of equipment like they are toys. Fast forward 18 months, and here I am researching what tablet will be best to get my 16 month old. I know what a hypocrite I am. But here's the thing, when I was pregnant I was not truly a mom yet. A mom who just needs her child to stop screaming in the car, behave in the store, or a mom who had seen her childs eyes light up when playing a game on a tablet or phone. I know our parents did not have this technology, and they survived grocery temper tantrums and long car rides. But I think if they would have had this technology, they might have given in and used it too. I also did not expect to have this "keeping up with the Jones's" feeling when it came to buying things for Bel, but I do. It tore my heart out the other day watching Bel watch one of her friends play with a tablet when she did not have one. I know it is not a good idea to want everything your friends have, but looking at my baby's sparkly eyes staring at that tablet broke my heart. So here I am giving into the pull of technology taking over the world and letting my child play with my phone just to make her happy, and here I am about to spend big money on a tablet for a 16 month old so my husband & I can get our phones back.

Annabel and her Grandmommy playing with the iPad.

So what are your thoughts on technology and babies?

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